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Workaholic Warning Signs

Workaholic Warning Signs

There is a fine line between a hard-worker and a workaholic, and it is important to see which side of that line you fall on. While we would never advocate for slacking off, it is important to make sure that you are burning your working candle on both ends. In the short term a worker with workaholic tendencies is very useful, but ultimately it is better to have a consistent and healthy worker, than an erratic workaholic. Today we are going to look at some ways to combat workaholism (that are worth trying, even if you aren’t much of one).

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First Job Lessons

First Job Lessons

We all remember our first job and how bleak the working world looked through its lens. Random hours, low-pay, and physically exhausting work has taken its toll on nearly everyone in our society. However, it is not all bad- there are a lot of valuable career lessons that we learn from working a bad job. Today we are going to look at these, and figure out how our first job can help us figure out what to do with our current career.

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How to Handle a Great Job with a Terrible Boss

How to Handle a Great Job with a Terrible Boss

You may not always like your boss. We all know this, because we’ve all had bosses that we have not enjoyed working with. When your boss is horrible, and your job is mediocre at best, it is time to jump ship- but what do we do when we love everything about the job except for the boss? Every situation is different, but unless you’ve got a boss that is truly out to get you, I advocate for sticking it out and creating some semblance of a healthy relationship with your boss. Today we are going to look at ways to do that.

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations Graduates!

It is late May already, and that means graduation season is already in full swing. If you are one of the many recent graduates reading this today is for you. Graduation is a scary and exciting time, and we are going to do what we can to help quell your fears and help guide you towards an exciting beginning to your new career.

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How to Succeed in Career Changing (by really trying)

How to Succeed in Career Changing (by really trying)

Looming change is scary- especially when you can’t be sure if you are making the right choice. Career changes are by no means exempt from this- perhaps even more affected by it than many other changes. However, fear is not always grounded (though it isn’t always irrelevant either) - and sometimes it is necessary to fight through our fear of change in order to grow. Today we are going to look at some healthy ways to think about career changes and ways to talk to that fear in order to emerge a more well-rounded and productive person!

Guilt Free Separation

Guilt Free Separation

We all know the guilty feeling that comes with separation anxiety. Whether we are breaking up with a partner, moving out of a bad living situation, or quitting our job- we tend to feel guilty. Now I can’t make break-ups painless, or roommates better people, but I do want to look at job quitting guilt and help you understand why letting go of that will not only be good for you- but good for the company you are leaving as well.

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Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Whether you are the type of person who works to live, or who lives to work, it is a good idea to maintain some balance between your working life and your regular life. It is nearly impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without working at all, but it is also incredibly difficult to maintain one working constantly. An ideal employer understands this and accommodates their employees’ needs- whether it be a weekly game night that requires leaving early, or child care changes that require a flexible schedule. Maintaining a healthy balance between work and life not only helps you be a healthier person, but will also help you to be a better employee. When you search for a job you want to look for an employer that understands this.

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Dos and Don'ts of Online Courses

Dos and Don'ts of Online Courses

A lot of people dive deep into the well of online learning, thinking that every course is going to help their career. While knowledge is always better than ignorance, not all knowledge pulled down off the web is going to help your career. Today we are going to look at some dos and don’ts of online courses.

Your Salary History

Your Salary History

Unless your last salary was exactly what your employer wants to pay you and exactly what you want to make- your salary history might cause you a bit of grief. Either you were earning far less than you would like to- and your hiring manager might low-ball you based on that, or you were earning a lot more than you need- and your previous salary might scare off companies that don’t think they can afford you. Either way, you can escape your salary history it just takes a little bit of finesse.

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4 Ways to Raise Red Flags

4 Ways to Raise Red Flags

As we all know, being a qualified candidate is not enough to ensure you a job. You could spend 20 years in a single field, win every commendation possible, know how to do every job related to yours, and still get turned down or ignored due to making simple mistakes. When push comes to shove your ability to perform as a job-seeker will be a deciding factor of whether or not you get hired. Today, instead of looking at tricks to making sure you perform well, we are going to look at the things that you cannot do without raising some red flags.

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