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Archives: May 16, 2016

How to Succeed in Career Changing (by really trying)

How to Succeed in Career Changing (by really trying)

Looming change is scary- especially when you can’t be sure if you are making the right choice. Career changes are by no means exempt from this- perhaps even more affected by it than many other changes. However, fear is not always grounded (though it isn’t always irrelevant either) - and sometimes it is necessary to fight through our fear of change in order to grow. Today we are going to look at some healthy ways to think about career changes and ways to talk to that fear in order to emerge a more well-rounded and productive person!

Guilt Free Separation

Guilt Free Separation

We all know the guilty feeling that comes with separation anxiety. Whether we are breaking up with a partner, moving out of a bad living situation, or quitting our job- we tend to feel guilty. Now I can’t make break-ups painless, or roommates better people, but I do want to look at job quitting guilt and help you understand why letting go of that will not only be good for you- but good for the company you are leaving as well.

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