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Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations Graduates!

It is late May already, and that means graduation season is already in full swing. If you are one of the many recent graduates reading this today is for you. Graduation is a scary and exciting time, and we are going to do what we can to help quell your fears and help guide you towards an exciting beginning to your new career.

It is okay to be Jobless- There are always a handful of college graduates who have it all figured out- and are gainfully employed come June. These people, however, are most certainly the minority. Having a job right out of college can be wonderful, but almost no one lands their dream job right after graduation. So if you are still searching that is completely alright, the worst thing you can do is feel guilty or self-deprecating about it. Take your time, something will come up eventually.

Take Time to Reset- Leaving school is a gigantic change in lifestyle and modality, and it takes some time to readjust. Giving yourself some time to reset and adapt to the world outside of university can be more than useful- it is sometimes completely necessary. Do not pressure yourself and make yourself feel rushed, take your time, you will find a job when you are ready.

The First Offer Might not be the Best Offer- There are a lot of jobs out there, some of them are fantastic- some of them not so much. The first gig you get offered may fall into the latter category- even if it is with a great company. Every year a huge number of intelligent and well-adjusted college graduates end up delivering coffee for executives. This could be what you want to be doing, but if it isn’t- remember that there are other options. You are under no obligation to take the first gig that comes your way.

Choose Passion over Paycheck- Even with student debt being as daunting as it is, you are more equipped to take on a passion project in your early 20s than you will be later in life. Now is the time to develop skills in a field that you love, instead of taking on a well-paying but soul-crushing gig. Remember that your education is not really over- your first few years outside of college should be just as educational as your last few years inside of it. Jobs are like classes- you will do better in the ones you enjoy than the ones you are doing out of a sense of duty.

Stay Open- Keep your eyes, ears and social media feelers open. Be willing to consider options that are outside of your comfort zone. You can’t know what you will love yet- so let yourself play around with the idea of everything that comes your way.


Graduation is a huge transition, and huge transitions are scary. If you can let yourself process this transition while still keeping yourself open to new possibilities you will move through it with grace! Congratulations and enjoy your new world of endless possibility!