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Archives: May 30, 2016

Workaholic Warning Signs

Workaholic Warning Signs

There is a fine line between a hard-worker and a workaholic, and it is important to see which side of that line you fall on. While we would never advocate for slacking off, it is important to make sure that you are burning your working candle on both ends. In the short term a worker with workaholic tendencies is very useful, but ultimately it is better to have a consistent and healthy worker, than an erratic workaholic. Today we are going to look at some ways to combat workaholism (that are worth trying, even if you aren’t much of one).

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First Job Lessons

First Job Lessons

We all remember our first job and how bleak the working world looked through its lens. Random hours, low-pay, and physically exhausting work has taken its toll on nearly everyone in our society. However, it is not all bad- there are a lot of valuable career lessons that we learn from working a bad job. Today we are going to look at these, and figure out how our first job can help us figure out what to do with our current career.

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