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Archives: July 20, 2016

Curing Impostor Syndrome

Curing Impostor Syndrome

For many of us being successful is far more complicated than thriving in the work place. Despite overwhelmingly positive performance reviews, a promotion or two, and pleasant relationships with co-workers, some of us still feel like we are not really capable of doing the job. This feeling is a symptom of what researchers Clance and Imes from Georgia State University refer to as “Imposter Syndrome.” If on paper you are a model employee, but deep down you feel like you are a fraud- you suffer from Imposter Syndrome. If you are constantly worried that someone will “find you out” you suffer from Imposter Syndrome. But don’t worry too much, Imposter Syndrome is not terminal, and if you follow some simple advice you will be able to overcome it with relative ease!

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