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Boss Buds

Boss Buds

Your ability to control whether or not you like your boss is small at best- however, that does not mean that you cannot make your boss like you. When push comes to shove it is not all that important for you to like your higher ups, but how much they like you can (and will) drastically affect your career. This is why we are going to look at some ways to woo your bosses and ensure that they have kind words to say about you.

Show Respect. At some point in your career you will inevitably work for someone who you just do not gel with, perhaps even someone that you find incompetent. There are times where you may see better approaches than your boss does, ones that save you time and energy. However, you should never bring to this to their attention aggressively, or ignore their requests. If you find something particularly troubling you can ask your boss for additional information, but you should always defer to their judgement, no matter how off it sounds.

Mirror Their Style. If you are working for an ex-military man who wants everything just-so you will want to behave differently than you would if you are working for a 25 year old Mark Zuckerberg type. To behave with one how you would with the other will make you seem alien and unprofessional. Remember that there are many different ways to run a company, and make sure that you are behaving appropriately for your company (even if it seems too casual!).

Check-in.  A weekly (or even monthly) meeting time can do a lot to help your relationship with your boss, as well as company productivity. Bosses need to know what is going on with their employees, but they don’t always have the time to check in on everyone. If you show some initiative and set up a regularly scheduled meeting you will be doing a mitzvah for your boss, and also getting some extra face time with them.

Remember that they are Human. No matter how monstrous our bosses can seem to us, they are in fact human. They are human and have personal lives, and likes and dislikes, and perhaps even hobby. You should always strive to engage your boss on this human level from time to time. Everyone needs to be recognized as a person, and your boss is no exception. If you can find some common ground that has nothing to do with the workplace, you will both enjoy being around each other more throughout the workday.

Remember your Capacity for Improvement. You can always be a better employee, you can always be better at your job, and your boss may have a lot of helpful tips to get you closer to the employee that you want to be. Keep yourself open to suggestions, and do your best to follow them. There is no better type of employee than an employee who is willing to learn.


We may not be able to choose our bosses, but we do get some control over our relationships with them. If you follow this advice you should always have healthy and productive relationships with your employers!