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Must Ask Interview Questions

Must Ask Interview Questions

When we think of job interviews, we mostly think about answering questions. We need to know how to tell stories about our accomplishments, talk about our strengths and weaknesses, and be able to explain our values. But, the perfect interview requires more than perfect answers. The perfect interview also requires perfect questions. So what do those questions look like? Perfect answers are fairly complex, and so too are perfect questions. As an interviewee, the trick to asking the perfect interview question is to show that you are interested in the company, as well as the job. This is done through asking questions about the company as well as asking questions about yourself.  Below are some examples of questions that should help you out!

How has this position changed since it was created? This question will help you see if this is a position that will rocket you to success, or one that goes nowhere. It also shows the interviewer that you want to know as much as you can about the job and where it might lead, or how it should change.

What does success look like at your company? Every company is different which means that every company has different values. Being a successful Google employee might be completely different than being a successful Ford employee. So you want to know what it takes to do well wherever you work. This also shows the hiring manager that you are willing and able to adapt, which makes you a more valuable employee.

What does your training process look like? This is important information for you to have, and shows that you want to be prepared for your new job. If you are switching to a new field this is an especially important question, as you need to know how much the company is going to help you get up to speed in your new field. Even if you are well established in the field it is important to know how you are going to be brought up to speed at your new company.

What are some of the issues your company is facing and how can I help solve them? This question will help you figure out what you are walking into with your new company, as well as show your future employer that you not only want to be prepared for your new job- but want to help the company as a whole. Showing that you are a loyal employee is one of the best things you can do in an interview, and this question helps show that you will be an informed and loyal employee.

What is the role of this position over the next three months?  Knowing specifically what you will be doing over the next three months will make you a more valuable employee. Learning as much as you can about specifics is always a step in the right direction.


You don’t want to walk in there and just fire off all of these questions. But if the interview allows, these are the questions to ask. Remember that good questions can be just as useful as good answers!