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Archives: Week 23 of 2016 June 6, 2016 - June 12, 2016

Arrogance vs Humility

Arrogance vs Humility

While arrogance is almost exclusively a vice, humility is not always a virtue. Many of us end up damaging our careers while trying to be humble. While it doesn’t do to brag about everything, it also is not helpful to constantly undermine yourself. This will make others think you are less competent than you actually are, and can even lead to people taking credit for your hard work. Today we are going to look at ways to overcome your excessive humility, without swinging too far left and ending up in the grips of arrogance.

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4 Traits of a Great Employee

4 Traits of a Great Employee

The most valuable employee is not necessarily the most experienced, confident, or even the smartest employee. A company’s most valuable (or at least a boss’ favorite) is an employee that plays well with others. People skills and an agreeable personality are two of the most useful things that any employee can have. However, this does not mean that bringing your office donuts will instantly turn you into the most useful aspect of the company. Truly useful people skills are a bit more complicated than people pleasing, so today we are going to unpack what makes a truly personable employee.

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