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Breaking Boredom

Breaking Boredom

Sometimes going to work feels like the most horrific thing not because of a hateful boss, or traumatizing conditions, or even strenuous physical labor. Sometimes work is daunting simply because it is boring. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing worse than a boring job, that in many ways it would be better to work a difficult and exhausting job than it is to work a mild and boring one. Today we are going to look at some ways of breaking out of the monotony of employment and finding excitement in our work.

Take on More. If you work from 9-5 and can finish everything you need to do for the day by 2 you will be bored by your job. If you know that at some point in the day that you will be sitting at your desk with nothing to do- you will be bored by your job. You should never have long stretches of idle time while working, and part of your job (no matter what your job is) is to fill those idle stretches with productive assignments. Start by asking your manager and your co-workers if they need help on any projects. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, start thinking of your own projects, and ask your manager if you can spend time working on them. The more you have to do, the harder it is to be bored.

Educate yourself- If you have even one extra hour each day you have time to take an online course. If you can find a professional web-based course that is related to your job you should use your time to take it. This will help you feel fulfilled in your work, while simultaneously making you a more valuable and useful employee. Many companies will even shell out some money to fund their employees taking courses and seminars. Try doing some research, finding a course, and asking your manager if the company would be willing to send you to it.

Look for lulls- Before you write off the job as a boring waste of time, make sure you aren’t just in a lull period. Every industry has times where there just isn’t much going on, and these times are boring. Before you write the job off, make sure that you aren’t just going through the lull period.

Explore other options- If you go through these exercises and don’t find yourself any more enthusiastic about the job, it is possibly time to jump ship. Do some soul searching and really think about the kind of job that you would feel fulfilled doing. What kind of tasks do you like to do? Do you prefer desk work or manual labor? Do you need your job to make a difference or make a savings account? Figure these things out, and then start looking for a job that you won’t be bored by.

Fighting against boredom can feel like an uphill battle, but if you try these tips you should be able to triumph over it! Overcoming boredom is all about taking initiative, so go out there and make your job what it should be!