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Opened in 1973, ArchCare at Ferncliff Nursing Home is located on 36 beautiful acres of the former Astor family estate just outside the historic village of Rhinebeck. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience through holistic care that addresses not only the residents' physical needs, but their social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs as well.

As part of the management team, the supervisor is responsible for planning and organizing, staffing and influencing , controlling and evaluating nursing service functions to provide optimum nursing care to each individual resident served with in the facility. It is also her/his responsibility to be knowledge of the established State and Federal Regulations and approve standards of patient care, in addition to established house policies and procedures: ensuring accurate interpretation and compliance. During the Course of duty she /he will be called upon to perform various technical nursing skills as well. In the absence of the Director of Nursing Service and Assistant Director of Nursing, is responsible for the operation of the Nursing Department on her shift.


*Accurately interprets and assures compliance with established house policies, procedures and philosophy of care as well as state and Federal Regulations.*Maintains optimum nursing care through effective and accurate communication with all members of the health care team on a twenty four hour basis.*Informs Administrator , Director of Nursing and/or Assistant Director of Nursing on a continuous basis of all pertinent information concerning residents, staff, families and other personnel she may deal with.*Assess and evaluates nursing needs of each unit and assign personnel accordingly*Finds replacements for nurses and nurse aides as needed.*Prepares required reports and forms for Administration.*Promotes good interpersonal relationships both intradepartmental and interdepartmental*Organizes monthly unit meetings ensures compliance of unit meetings. Submits minutes of monthly meetings to Director of Nursing.*Participates in committees including but not limited to Quality Assurance, Nursing Policy and procedure.*Attends supervisor's meetings as scheduled.*Attends Charge Nurse meetings as scheduled.*Delegates to the Charge and Staff Nurses the administrative authority, responsibility and accountability necessary to perform their assigned duties*Ensures that all nursing service personnel are following their respective job descriptions.*Demonstrates sensitively to the needs of staff members, residents and families and provides reassurance and support as needed.*Reports and documents pertinent information and problems concerning any staff members under her/his authority.*Responsible for performance of agency nurses.*Maintains leadership role by providing discipline, constructive criticism and issuing warnings as indicated with fairness and justice.*Gives recognition and praise for work well done, verbally and through the use of anecdotal notes.*Reviews performance appraisal with licensed personnel and assists them setting goals and standards of performance as needed.*Assist charge nurse with nurse aides performances reviews.*Suggest measures for attaining highest potential.*May be requested formulates nursing service schedules for respective shift.*Attends in house meetings, conferences and inservice classes where applicable.*Promotes growth and development of individual nurses by promoting independence and delegating responsibility and providing guidance and assistance as needed.*Reviews evaluations yearly with the Director of Nursing.*Inspects and observes to see that good nursing care os given at all times and that proper documentation is carried out according to regulations and established policies and procedures.*Ensures optimum nursing care and comfort of all residents by unit rounds two three times a shift and as indicated discussion with unit nurse and visits to residents discussed during shift report as indicated.*Maintains equipment, ensures adequacy of supplies on each unit. and assist in conforming to allocated budget through their proper utilization.*Periodically reviews charts to see that required doumentaion is recorded.*Makes environmental rounds to ensure compliance with fire and safety regulation and basic infection control practices.*Performs quality assurance studies/audits and reports findings to quality assurance committee and assists in resolution of identifies problems.*Is responsible to ensure that all employees under her/his supervision attend all mandatory inservice programs and other scheduled programs as able.*Investigates resident incidents and accidents to ensure proper assessment and documentation of incident, recommendations for intervention , preventive measures, emergency care as needed and proper follow up.*Ensures that proper nursing policies and procedures are carried out by periodic observation of staff performance. Ensures correct narcotic count and documentation of controlled substances.*Is present on at least one unit daily during meal time when possible to ensure appropriate feeding time a procedures and reports findings to Director of Nursing.*Gives accurate, detailed shift report. Receives report with pertinent data from previous shift.*Uses effective nursing skills and judgement in emergency and crisis situation.*Accompanies and assists MDs with special treatments and procedures.*Administers tuberculin tests as needed . Assist with direct care when needed.*Initiates IV therapy as needed. Administers IV medication as needed.*Performs venipunctures for lab as needed. Performs EKGs as needed in emergency situations .*Administers first aid to employees and sends to hospital as needed.*Obtains medications from pharmacy for immediate use. Obtains supplies from sterline stores as needed.*Follows duties outlined in facilities fire safety and disasters plans.*Participates in "mock" drills.*Performs unrelated duties in an emergency as needed.*May account physicians on rounds, assist him/her as needed, receives instructions and notes on resident care requirements.*May render nursing care , administer medication and perform treatments.*Performs other duties related to position as needed.*Prepares written reports for administration on all critical or acutely ill residents with significant changes in general condition on a daily basis. Periodically reviews resident's care plans with staff nurse.


Graduate of state approved school of nursing.

Previous experience as Staff Nurse and Charge Nurse in which administrative, supervisory and leadership abilities have been demonstrated. Advanced education desirable.

Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in New York State.

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