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Retail Service Auditor

Have you ever had a good or bad experience while shopping and wished you had a direct line to the corporate office to describe your experience? We can offer you that line and pay you for giving your reports. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK is looking for Retail Service Evaluators for a large ongoing project involving shopping for smartphones. Evaluators are responsible for following unique scenarios at specific retail locations. Detailed reporting will be completed online.


  • Attention to details and observation skills
  • Ability to take photos and upload into reporting system
  • PC with reliable Internet connection

This contract work will vary based on the amount of service checks requested in each geographic area. Unfamiliar with this industry? Check out and read up on this booming industry.

To be considered for these evaluations, you must first register at"
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on I Want to be an Evaluator. Once you finish the TWO part application process, you will be sent an invitation to complete the Quality Certification. Here, you will learn more about being an Evaluator. If, after completing the Quality Certification, you meet the requirements for this program, you will then be contacted with additional information.

For questions, email us at